Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive

by Infinito 2017

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When making music in my view the ultimate goal is to love what you create and let your soul be the main component in the final output. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive = Masculine” minus the filler and without the added opinions of those that didn't write the songs. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is what it sounds like when Infinito 2017 filters out all the voices of others and create completely from the internal. Infinito 2017 creates underground music that tells what he thinks over boom bap instrumentals. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is independent Hip Hop with no fashion, no mama man clowns, no love songs and no songs made to follow the template that rappers use to records music! This album is hardcore uncut raw Infinito 2017, the microphone and beats. Black Music! “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” guest vocal appearances are AthenA, Mr. Skurge, Watusi, Unity Lewis and Aslaam Mahdi. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”.


released April 15, 2014

production is handled by Fatnice, Da Beatminerz, Thaione Davis, The White Shadow of Norway, Positive Black Nationalist, Dion Brown, Mixx Massacre, Black Sparx, Malosmokie (LCOB), Cool D and Ne Ne James of Brazil. Guest vocal appearances are AthenA, Mr. Skurge, Watusi, Unity Lewis and Aslaam Mahdi. “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”

Art by Marcellous Lovelace | Infinito 2017 | InfinitoOne [Ascap]
Mixed by Freddy Eubanks for KLFC [Kalifornia Lo-Fi commision] Mastered by Jonathan Horwich
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all rights reserved


Infinito2017 Chicago

Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music youve ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 150 albums recorded ... more

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Track Name: Good at Being Myself
Good at being myself
Who controls the mic and writes his own rhymes
Never plays around never waste time
Always stays new always stays fresh
Always coming iller fresher than the rest
Most daring not caring which one yall
Gone say it shut up man up man down stay down
No war no contest rest his soul wrote wrong
They bite songs sorry only on bandcamp looking for itunes
Fools lose drug abused crack babies addicted to being lazy
Bogus wishful hopefuls never gone make it hate it hate on you
Hate on your self it’s your fault not no one else ashamed
Waste of time crime against humanity I don’t need a topic
Apologize for dropping put you self back in the closet
Close the door stay inside run and hide don’t even try
That’s all you good at attempting to fail
Woes is you I make albums you talk about it
You sit and doubt it doubt your self
You never distributed nothing in the physical realm
Nothing people should only talk about they self
Joe left nephew of frank … holla side wayz
We brand new Regular black dude 7102
I am man first with no reason to sub verse
What I say I mean it never slight of view
Only be myself never play a part for you
No I don’t give you space not enough to move
Many born as others they were born to lose
Corny individuals walk in others shoes
But in the wrong way boys nowadays is strange
Act in woman ways yeah you pretty lame
You were born a fool mentally physically abused
Mismanaged information we update your brain food
Foul lifestyles live a life in the shape of a fool
Tea party republican buster chump sorry pathetic
Suspect you a reject I’m problack love black
Black on both sides inside and out
You naïve afraid of your own shadow in the dark
Getting chased out the park all I write is hard
Rough on some African jamican hatian what
We get buck and tear yo club and stuff \
Track Name: Never Artificial
“Never Artificial” produced by the Beatminerz

Carefully collected we update your mind state
With something more meaningful than the others make
Perpetrate the fraud run the streets acting odd
Thinking they da coldest til they go against god
From out of nowhere boys be falling fast
Go and save your self before you face THE blast
Men be made up thinking they gone defeat him
Not gone ever win looking like the end
It’s over FACE LOW head down
Not gone ever rise anyway anyhow
So we break it down and feed you what you need
Natural lifestyles to develop mental seeds
Don’t need weed or material things
We exceed the masses killing off you fiends
Music for the people who only will exceed
Knowledge for the people alcohol and drug free

Masterpiece obscene gestures acapella solo
Left hand no correction weak rejects step up
Witness under protection possible nothing
Need the know how some how we break down
Out lasted the REST No competition they make
Weak beats no one wants to listen! GOD BODY
Hard hardly intense threatening holds my own
Self contained self made alright than
Hold your temperament man settle down
Clowns confused need to stand down
Boy don’t won’t none to dumb to challenge
No match against needs to be cancelled
We don’t shoot other black people
Save your soul protect your fam free em all
Down fall for certain free the mind
Reverse they rehearse so we break on it down
They dead wrong saying another’s song
Welcome to the world attack of the clones
Guess what he on nothing for the trivial
Man controls the mic clear and present danger
Lovelace Marcellous fair well he south side
Alls well ends well do tell so well we excel
Go way beyond the minor leave em looking
Like man I don’t want no part of him
He to raw broken down to the last letter
Zig zag zero hour in they language
I still use cuneiform to exercise text
Ancient Nubian teachings black man knows best
We created humanity SO we must develop not conform to crisis
Writing everyday and do it like we like it
The best verse last OPEN MIC NIGHT (its)
Hip hop from the soul in my native language
Track Name: Not You (who)
Not you (Who)

the city who the one who saved his soul
Who the master who the holder of the scroll
Who the truest dude was born in a zone
Who Chicago who the heart of the peoples movement
Liberation redirection soul conviction
Who the word who the letter who the better
Who the isis paper isa lama lakim
He might take em to the days of the 5 percent nation
Who the one who always pays his rent
Who got style who the future who the now
Who the other not you who the the brother
Who rhyme better who is greater
You a hater he who don’t no peace we won’t see you later
Who the lover who loves his people
Who unity equality and wisdom facts act
Actual facts no tact you some times
No time so don’t try you been denied
Who can take the pen pad don’t waste time
Who got records who don’t you sorry
Naww forget get your weight up
Space we expands who the man
Not you, you a fan you need a tan
I’ll be dang re-approach don’t remain
We don’t want to hear it
Who voice nice whose not
Who plays a part you an actor
You a phony no the man I’m the man
You peter pan green eggs and spam
Who the finisher don’t eat pork
Who smokes without the Newport?
Who the last real African for the love
Who the one who stand above
Who the conscious guy out to take more
Who the man you a boy you bow down
Who the pied piper who just follow
Who above so below who know who don’t
Who learns who teaches got cash who broke
Just because you made a record don’t mean we gonna listen
We not gone buy it internationally supplied rhyming
Never waste time the microphone is mine and who
Track Name: Creative Logic

Unorthodox unethical intellectual professional multi-track relax confusion delusional
Mathematical mental master of self soulful complex configuration resurrection radio unfriendly
None religious vicious vandal write on all walls call names standstill Illmatic intense
Ironic you jump like hedge hog sonic hooked on phonics phone calls no falls lost in translation
Don’t conform for yall sound all the same so pause; cause peace ain’t the word to play
Pro-logic passersby be saying a lot of gossip so I come to broadcasters
Motion detectors perfecter’s of the last line said simple be sounding stupid
For the best last man stand on my own in tones to hype for you to deliver
Consistent earth shifter prominent globe trotter political controller
From sun science to polar son can say the biggest words but his album ain’t harder
Late bloomers is losing we exist when records sold with your CDR
Boy will never break the mold!

They write out type the typecast conversations be appealing to your little fans
Man you quiver as I deliver rivers to streams over lakes and oceans
Back coasting sailing prevailing aint it telling my stories so compelling
Yelling spelling bees they all failing telling on a mountain over the hills
Everywhere dare to be different pathetic traditions fake religions
Bogus Christians believe in slave masters permissions you have been forbidden
From living no kidding earn to burn cremation no reanimation adult swim
Foolish loser’s drug abused you useless to the harsh and abrasive
Persuasive they listen to fit in own my files never followed
Never accepted what white boy tries to push on crack and molly
Trippy like Miley victims of slavery endangered bi-laws no Greeks or Belgium’s
Black like the Congo Shango untangle knots no you not real
So reveling biters do exist from the left hand threatening music exists
Track Name: Where Ever I Go
Where ever I go

Who decide to make you chief Repeat than delete?
We own the south side you never seen the street
Dismiss than compete I’m not convinced yet
You dealing with a vet make raw guaranteed to bump
You try to be hip hop looking like a punk
Soft core clowns dress better than you sound
They look like other men trying to match the rhythm
Hit em in the face again witness what ill state is
Not to mention he tried and fail apart
Catch me in the blackest part Where ever we come up
Never sold drugs or worked to train thugs
Only build the right mind with more divine light
Where ever I go brothers stop the madness
we eat the soul and funk hope you over standing
Reengage the people one crime at a time
My jobs to save the youth one child at a time
No one left behind on your standardized test
BasteredIZED society they say we second best
But we build everything like Banneker and carver
Never second grade we the team starter
Always work harder uplift the black mind
Save a lost soul who bound to do time
Wake up the whole world we known to refine
Living in the moment we need to stay alive

Never play the part out to sale your essence
Never live life confused second guessing
I remain conscious where ever I go
Keeping on the path always in the know (hook 2 time)