y they like that

by Marcellous Lovelace

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Prolific South Side Chicago's Unorthodox Poets Society member Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) brings a jazz inspired collection of wednesday sessions recorded over Gil Scott - Heron reinterpretations and soul music. Marcellous Lovelace lays out politically conscious thought provoking meaningful yet intelligent rhymes that make you think. Using his birth name to give added flavor to the laid back native african rhythms supplied over inspired breaks freaked out with funk by Chicago producer Dion Brown. Education is the main principal behind this Joe Left Hand / Nephew of Frank records release that is sure to make you open up your mind and think. Marcellous is cleaning your ears of the stupidity on the radio and internet making sense in this pointless directionless reality of generation "y they like that" music save a mind ...


released July 12, 2011

Dion Brown, King Boom on Anyways (remix)*



all rights reserved


Infinito2017 Chicago

Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music youve ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 150 albums recorded ... more

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Track Name: need now
marcellous lovelace
Track Name: untitledcartoons
Marcellous Lovelace
Track Name: y they like dat
marcellous lovelace
Track Name: Marcellous Lovelace - wait
marcellous lovelace
Track Name: everything everrryy thannng
Marcellous Lovelace
Track Name: Infinito 2017 - Anyways (King Boom Remix)
m. lovelace, INFINITO 2017
Track Name: outro ((black man stand strong))